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    can you tell i want a spanking?đź‘‹

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    Playing its favorite game outside in the public park.

    notice the belts… it must not have made a significant success to this game.

    Sometimes she gets the carrot. Sometimes she gets the stick.

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  6. Anonymous said: Do you have any teases I could do while upstairs when people are downstairs?


    Upstairs Downstairs Tease

    So your upstairs and people are downstairs milling around. Perhaps you can hear them. So it might be a bit exciting to push yourself a bit. So, first thing to do is strip down to your panties. A light colour would be nice so a wet spot would be visible.

    Now open your door. Since people are downstairs, and they have to come up stairs you should be able to hear them coming. You may have to move quickly but you should be able to hear.

    Now sit in your doorway. One foot on each side of the door jam with your ass in the room facing out. Now start to play and rub though your panties. Go slow at first. Wait to speed up until you hear something from down stairs that’s maybe a bit louder. That way the noise will push you faster and faster…until your panties are soaked.

    Now that they are nice and wet, remove them.

    Sit back down like you were and place them in the door way. Cum close again.

    Move them two feet towards the top of the stairs.

    Cum close again sitting in the doorway.

    Repeat until your panties are at the top of the stairs and your sitting naked close to cuming quite a ways away. If you have to pull your panties back because you heard someone coming start over.

    Now we just hope that while you cumming in your doorway naked, you don’t have to make a decision between someone seeing you naked and letting them find your soaked panties at the top of the stairs…

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    Izzy Delphine and Silvie Luca

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