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    Lexi Belle

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    Pleasing his Mistress becomes paramount in a subs desires.. with each slap of his cage against her thighs.. her desire grows..

    After all should not a sub wish to please his Mistress the best he can?

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    Here’s an audio of me, masturbating and orgasming!

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    I like this so much. if you find a solution for providing minimum nutrition and water from remote, then the slave can be kept alone and without human contact for many days…. there is no torture, i.e. no active application of pain, just the very severe restriction of movement. after a few days, any torture would be welcome…

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    Black sisters…get a turn with the white bitch

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    Sssh, no talking. I want your tongue extra sensitive. Tonight you will use it for one thing only. I’ll let you know when I’m ready for you.

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